My Bubble List

In 2012 I created a list of all the things I wanted to do and named it ‘The Bubble List’. So far, I’ve crossed a few, changed some up and add even more things to do! As 2017 approaches, I’ve given my list a refresh and am now putting things in motion to make them happen. Since I love to travel so much, I’ve even added a list of places I want to go.

My Bubble List

  1. Complete the London Marathon 2017 in under 5 hours!
  2. Crush grapes with my feet like ‘I love Lucy’
  3. Be able to do the Scorpion pose in Yoga class
  4. Climb a mountain – Kinabalu, Ben Nevis, Everest?!?
  5. Be a mum (This one might take a while!)

Places to visit

  1. Borneo: Hang out with the Orang-utan in Sabah
  2. San Fransisco: See the sunset over Golden Gate Bridge
  3. Costa Rica: This time to Surf in Guanacaste
  4. St. Helena: The Island my granddad comes from
  5. New Zealand: To do all of the things
  6. Iceland: Hike the volcanoes
  7. Bali: To do all the Yoga

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