Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

Who is @GaryVee? I first heard of Gary Vaynerchuck (@GaryVee) when I worked in the wine industry and he was using video on Wine Library TV to educate people on how to taste, experience and appreciate wine without the snobby nonsense that everybody expects. His unconventional yet innovative approach helped turn his father's wine business … Continue reading Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook


The Beginning of the End of Global Hunger #BigIF

Yesterday, I took part in the most incredible event in Hyde Park, London along with 45 thousand other people. We all came together from all walks of life to join forces at the#BigIF and demand that G8 leaders take action to end global hunger. "1 in 8 people in the world are hungry" The #BigIF Myleene … Continue reading The Beginning of the End of Global Hunger #BigIF

Meeting Mike Coffey at #Food4Good

#Food4Good at the Barbican Centre Earlier this afternoon I met up with a my friends Hass & Asif at an event at the Barbican Centre called #Food4Good. The event featured an art/photography exhibition which was themed ‘London’s ever-changing culinary landscape’, showcasing bespoke artwork from ten exceptional artists inspired by the menu and ambience of unique … Continue reading Meeting Mike Coffey at #Food4Good

Steph’s Bubble takes on the #SSSVEDA challenge

My first year blogging... Over the last year I've been exploring the wonderful world of blogging and it's been an incredible journey of self-discovery (Super Heroes: Identifying your Kryptonite), unique new opportunities (Nibblr: A New Social Dining Experience) and a platform through which I've been able to share the amazing talents of others (It’s time … Continue reading Steph’s Bubble takes on the #SSSVEDA challenge