Remembering 7/7 

I'd been living in London just a few months and was in the first few weeks of my new job when 7/7 happened. I took the tube to Victoria from Ealing Common and remember changing train in South Kensignton after a 'signal failure'. As we waited on the platform it got increasingly busier with little … Continue reading Remembering 7/7 


I have FOND!

 Do you ever get that feeling that you might not see or do everything you want to in life? That every day you need to fill your time with as many new and interesting things as possible? And if you don't you get fidgety and restless? Well I do. I call this FOND: Fear of … Continue reading I have FOND!

Pandamonium in London for WWF #EarthHour 2014

#PassThePanda At a WWF event last month I was introduced to Pandora. Since then she's been travelling around the country enjoying the company of my friends and family and posing for selfies along the way to promote awareness of Earth Hour. Here are some her favourite moments! Big thanks to... ...The Benvies, especially Beatrice and Hugo … Continue reading Pandamonium in London for WWF #EarthHour 2014

How to lose ten pounds in one day

Every runner knows that before you go out for a run there is a ritual of preparation which starts hours before you even put on your trainers. If you're planning to cover some distance you need a good meal the night before, a light but carb-fuelled breakfast at least an hour before you head out … Continue reading How to lose ten pounds in one day

Meet Pandora and #PassthePanda for #EarthHour

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of #PassthePanda, an exciting new initiative from the team at WWF UK in honour of Earth Hour. Along with a host of incredible YouTubers, I met the WWF UK team at a restaurant in London called Dans Le Noir to have dinner in the … Continue reading Meet Pandora and #PassthePanda for #EarthHour

The Relationship Status Update

Single, Married, Kids? Does my relationship status matter?  I've had a bit of a bee in my bonnet for a while now about my relationship status and the way it's effecting my social circles, my family time and my day-to-day life. You see, my relationship status might not have changed but as I enter into … Continue reading The Relationship Status Update

Accessories: London Fashion Week SS14

Beyond the catwalk and behind the scenesLast season was my first experience of London Fashion Week and I discovered that there was so much more to this event than just the catwalk shows and the after parties. Nestled within the wings of Somerset House are a host of showrooms where up and coming designers are … Continue reading Accessories: London Fashion Week SS14