Travel is my addiction

Juneau, Alaska


Ever since I was a little girl I’ve wanted to travel. I studied languages at school so that I could understand and converse with the people I hoped to meet. I even took a geography class to study the world but it turned out I was learning more about erosion of rivers and peat bogs – still useful but not what I expected!

Since my day first trip to France at the age of eleven, I’ve now visted more than 30 countries, of which a third of those have been in the last year. I am a travel addict! How do I know? Well, here are the signs that tell me so!

You have a travel addiction if…

  1. You get twitchy if you don’t have a flight booked when you get back from your last trip
  2. You’re constantly thinking about when you can take time off to travel
  3. You find yourself using the phrase ‘When I was in [INSERT COUNTRY]’ a lot
  4. Your downtime is spent browsing travel websites
  5. You have a list of all the places you want to go that never gets smaller
  6. You score highly on geography tests because you are constantly studying maps of the world
  7. When you fly, you always go to the back of the inflight magazine to see which routes they travel and where
  8. You repost old travel photos to Instagram on #ThrowBackThursday
  9. Your social feeds are filled with photos of the countries you want to visit because you follow travellers and local people and companies for inspiration
  10. You have foreign currency in your wallet from your last trip, just in case you need it for the next
  11. The thought of going to the same place twice can be stressful
  12. But if you’re going back to countries to visit friends, that’s okay
  13. An hour commute in the morning seems nothing compared to an eight hour train ride across Alaska or a 24 hour bus trip to get to Iguassu falls
  14. Your iPhone is filled with photos and videos from your adventures
  15. You start blogging about travel because you need new outlets to share your experiences

4 thoughts on “Travel is my addiction

  1. Paige Wunder says:

    Yes x15!!! Do you get the glazed over look when you say the ‘when I was in ____’ yet? My friends are so unfazed by these stories now. Haha! Cheers from one addict to another! Xx

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