Ten things to do in Denmark 

Earlier this year I took a trip to Copenhagen in Denmark, one of the safest cities in Europe to travel by yourself. I spent five days exploring the city and venturing up the coast by train and had such a good time I even considered missing my plane to stay a little longer!

If you’ve not yet been to the Nordics and are thinking of taking a trip to the home of one of my childhood heroes, Hans Christian Andersen, I would highly recommend it. 

To find out why, here’s my top ten things to do in Demark in no particular order:

  1. Explore the city on foot – Copenhagen is well known as being a capital full of cyclists and there are plenty of opportunities for you to hire a bike and do the same. It’s quick and easy to get around and perfectly safe but I prefer to go on foot. Why? Well, you have time to stop and take in the sights, you don’t have to worry about where to leave your bike of you want to go in to one of the many museums or cafes and you can walk across the whole of the city in under an hour.  
  2. Catch the sunset from the East Coast, on the manmade beaches. The wind in your hair, cyclists passing by and a great view of the city skyline which is far from overdeveloped.
  3. Take a canal tour – Yes it’s a tourist trap but after a few days walking around it was a nice change to see the city from a different perspective and relax in the sunshine and learn about its history and the future plans for  the city. Don’t forget to stop and take a walk about Christiana too. The up and coming area of town where I’d choose to love if I had the chance.   
  4. Climb the spiral tower Vor Freslers Kirkeand take in the views of the city form above – It has around 300 steps and low barriers at the top so not one for those with claustrophobia or a fear of heights! 😱  
  5. Go and see the Little Mermaid – She’s not as colourful as depicted in the Disney movie but her poignance, sat quietly on the hard, resonates among locals and tourists who know the her story, created by Hans Christian Andersen.
  6. Grab a beer and get caught up in the magic of the tourist trap that is Nyhavn – Lined with boats, cafes, and street permformers. They even have their own love lock bridge 💕. You’ll quickly get in the vibe.
  7. Go up the coast to Louisiana and visit the MOMA and take in the amazing art work from artists around the world including my favourite Kusama! The MOMA is set on the coast line with a sculpture garden that overlooks the clear blue sea and white sands. I could have sat in that garden forever…   
  8. Take in the history and the art  – There are plenty of museums to get lost in and appreciate the works of time gone by. My favourite sculpture was of this shocked Selfie 😱 in Ny Carlsberg Gliptotek.
  9. Explore the west of the city – With its modern street markets, skate parks, historic buildings and potato row homes there is so much to take in. It feels much more local here and far from the wraps of tourism. A perfect area of the city to relax and enjoy good food too.
  10. Run along the river in the early  evening – It’s a hotspot for locals, the ducks and geese. Plus it’s clean air makes you appreciate the distinct lack of London smog!  

A few thing that are probably worth missing unless you’re super keen to to see them are:

  1. Tivoli park and gardens – best enjoyed with kids or on a night when there is concer on the green. Although we did have fun watching the men screaming on the rides like little girls 😂.
  2. A trip to Malmö, Sweden on the train – It’s only a 30 minute journey but it’s a sleepy little town with very little to see and do. I lasted 2 hours before rushing back
  3. And any of the design museums on a Monday because, as I found out, they are all closed 😊!

Denmark is country I’ll definitely be going back to very soon. A home from home where every corner looked both new and yet familiar. Where I was always treated with respect and offered a smile. And where my passion for nature, design and art set the scene for paths along which I could get out and run in near perfect conditions.

Wanna come with me next time? 😉


2 thoughts on “Ten things to do in Denmark 

  1. TheLondonMum says:

    Thanks for this, really useful tips. I used to live in Copenhagen when I was little but haven’t been back since and my memory is not what it once was! So this is very helpful 🙂

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