Pandamonium in London for WWF #EarthHour 2014


At a WWF event last month I was introduced to Pandora. Since then she’s been travelling around the country enjoying the company of my friends and family and posing for selfies along the way to promote awareness of Earth Hour. Here are some her favourite moments!

Big thanks to…

…The Benvies, especially Beatrice and Hugo Benvie for taking care of Pandora. She especially enjoyed going to school, swimming lessons and all the cuddles.

Panda Montage 1

…Sam for treating her to a delicious breakfast, Fereshta for taking her to the park to enjoy the sunshine and Tom for finding her red satin slipper!

Panda Montage 2

Thanks also to Papa and Mama Bubble for posing for selfies! #PassThePanda

Panda Montage 3

Earth Hour 2014

Last night Pandora and I attended the WWF Earth Hour celebrations at Royal Festival Hall to watch some of London’s most iconic landmarks plunge into darkness. It was a lovely event with spectacular views and a fantastic mini concert in the dark performed by the lovely Sophie Ellis-Bextor. The idea behind Earth Hour is that the world unites, switches of the lights and takes time to reflect on how we can make small changes to our day-to-day lives to help protect our planet. Our modern lifestyles take a toll on the Earth’s resources and conserving energy, recycling and reusing things are just two of the many ways we can make a difference.

On a bigger scale, the WWF are currently working to protect the wildlife, landscape and the livelihoods of the people living in the vast and open grasslands of the Mau Mara Serengeti – home to the giraffe, cheetah, African elephant, rhino, lion and wildebeest. If you’d like to help, please donate to this wonderful cause.

Donate now to create a brighter future for the Mara

  • £5 could provide food for a ranger for a day’s monitoring in the field
  • £15 could provide a memory card for a camera trap to help monitor elephant and other wildlife movements
  • £25 could provide a solar-powered torch to help keep people safe from elephants at night
  • £50 could provide training for 25 farmers to deter elephants with innovative methods such as ‘chilli fencing’.

Pandora's transport to Earth Hour

A few Earth Hour highlights

Pandora on the South Bank
Pandora and Westminster

Earth Hour
Earth Hour

Sophie Ellis-Bextor performing
Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Sophie Ellis-Bextor #earthhour

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Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Classic Sophie in a sparkly dress #earthhour

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And finally…

Thank you so much to WWF UK for inviting me to be part of Earth Hour once again. I’m honoured to be involved with such an incredible charity. See you next year! #EarthHour
Pandora and the Eye


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