How to lose ten pounds in one day

Every runner knows that before you go out for a run there is a ritual of preparation which starts hours before you even put on your trainers.

If you’re planning to cover some distance you need a good meal the night before, a light but carb-fuelled breakfast at least an hour before you head out and then last you need your essentials: running kit, gadgets and gizmos, keys, cash, energy gels and water. This morning however, as much as I’d tried to adhere to my ritual and make sure I had everything I needed. Things did not go to plan. This is the story of how I lost ten pounds in one day.

It all started last night when I failed to go food shopping and ordered a take-out that didn’t arrive until 9.30pm. I’d spent the afternoon walking in Hyde Park with friends so I was super hungry by the time it arrived and then promptly went to bed as soon as I’d finished it all.

Hyde Park

Then this morning, I got up early, ate my peanut butter bagel and made sure I drank plenty of water. The weather looked ideal with its blue skies and cool air. All I needed to do was stock up on some energy gels and Lucozade, kit up and get out on the road. Here’s where things started to go wrong…

Wardrobe – When the sun comes out everybody is happy including me but it does mean that you have to rethink your running kit. Long running leggings and long-sleeved tops are too hot, so out come the capris and the vest tops. But my capris don’t have a back pocket so I had nowhere to put my keys. Instead I had to revert to long leggings and hope I wouldn’t over heat. In addition to this, I had to settle for odd running socks – something I hate to do – because I simply couldn’t find a matching pair that were clean. Too much time in the gym means more double-skinned socks are needed!

Odd socks

Gadgets and gizmos – My FitBit and phone were fully charged, my headphones were in reach but where on earth my armband for my phone had gone, I still don’t know. So I had to make do with putting my phone in with my keys on the back pocket of my leggings.

Energy gels and water – I popped out to the shop to stock up on energy gels only to realise that my local convenience store just isn’t as convenient ad I’d hoped. I returned with two bottles of Lucozade, one of which I drank straight away and the other I put in the fridge for when I got home.

Cash – Finally ready to leave the house, I slipped a ten pound note between my keys and my phone – in case I needed anything en route – I zipped my up my pocket and set off to do a 14 mile run.

Blue Skies

The weather was perfect, the streets were quiet and everything was going to plan until I hit my first 1km mark and realised my Nike+ App hadn’t told me my speed or distance covered. Having seen a tweet from Rory Cellan-Jones earlier that week about the app not tracking his run properly, I stopped to check everything was okay. I took out my phone, reset everything and started again. It then occurred to me that I’d changed the settings last week to cover miles not kilometres. So everything was in fact okay. And I set off, again…

Only a few miles in I found myself really low on energy and having to slow down and walk. This happened two or three times before I hit the 3 mile mark and with 11 miles still to go I decided to call it a day. I’d rather be well and rested than try to push through and fall down somewhere en route. I took out my phone again to see how far I’d run and then it dawned on my that my tenner had disappeared. It must have fallen out of my pocket when I’d stopped to check my app on my phone!

That is how I lost ten pounds in one day!

The morale of the story is… sometimes, when all the signs are against you leaving the house to go out for a run, it might well be the universe telling you to take it easy and have a rest. I’ve got a lot of miles to cover in the next few weeks for the marathon but to be on my best form I need to eat right, train responsibly and take time to rest and recover too.

You can support me and my dad in our marathon efforts by making a donation here or buying tickets for the #RunBennettsRun Raffle. All proceeds go to The Brain Tumour Charity.


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