The Beginning of the End of Global Hunger #BigIF

Yesterday, I took part in the most incredible event in Hyde Park, London along with 45 thousand other people. We all came together from all walks of life to join forces at the#BigIF and demand that G8 leaders take action to end global hunger.

Proving protesting can be glamorous

Proving protesting can be glamorous

“1 in 8 people in the world are hungry”

Hassan Mirza #BigIF

Hassan Mirza #BigIF

The #BigIF

Myleene Klass and Gethin Jones and featured Bill Gates, Danny Boyle, Natasha Kaplinsky, Angelique Kidjo, Julie Siddiqi, Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, Rowan Williams, Alvin Mosioma, Satish Kumar, Charlie McDonnell, Daniel Roche, Lucy Rose, Beardyman and Urban Voices Collective. This hugely inspirational line up of speakers came to talk about why they believe it’s time to stop talking about global hunger and start acting, now!

Bill Gates and I at the #BigIF

Bill Gates and I at the #BigIF

 “Hunger is not a natural disaster. It is a man made disaster!”

– Satish Kumar –

G8: Take on Global Hunger!

G8: Take on Global Hunger!

 A Garden of Spinning Flowers

In memory of the 2 million children who die every year because they simply don’t have enough to eat, a garden of spinning flowers was created as an iconic symbol of support for tackling hunger.

“We lose 2 million children every year due to hunger”

Blue Flowers in the Spinning Garden #BigIF

Blue Flowers in the Spinning Garden #BigIF

#BigIF Spinning Flower Garden

#BigIF Spinning Flower Garden

Children enjoying the Flower Garden at the #BigIF

Children enjoying the Flower Garden at the #BigIF

Proud supporters of the #BigIF

Proud supporters of the #BigIF

What’s it all in aid of?

The #BigIF event itself was created to reignite interest and awareness about those children and adults globally who simply do not get enough to eat. Natasha Kaplinsky introduced a video about her time in Mozambique where she met a family whose total income per week would only buy them 3 eggs. 3 eggs is simply not enough to feed a family for a week now is it? It was heartbreaking to watch.

By us gathering together as a mass of ‘People in a Park’, which Danny Boyle referred to as one of the great British traditions by the way, we were a voice and a symbol to our government and to Mr David Cameron, as well as a reminder that we appointed him to do a job as Prime Minister and now we’re telling him what we need him to do for us….


On Saturday 8 June, David Cameron hosted a Hunger Summit in London at which it was announced that $4.1 billion, yes billion, had been secured from companies, foundations, governments and  charities that will be used towards improving nutrition. This a great move in the right direction. Click here to read more.

But the Hunger Summit was just the start of 10 days of summits that will culminate at the G8 meeting in Enniskillen in Northern Ireland on 17 and 18 June. Together we’ll make sure David Cameron goes to Northern Ireland with our demands ringing in his ears.

Enough Food for Everyone - Bill Gates #BigIF

Enough Food for Everyone – Bill Gates #BigIF

Why will it be different this time?

It’s not acknowledging the issue that’s the problem. We all know that hunger exists and we all see it’s effects on the news. The issue is finding a new approach to tackle the matter collaboratively and leave behind the constraints that are determined by the rules of society, the impact of the economy and the ignorance of those that are able to help but they can’t, don’t or won’t.

“There IS enough food in the world for everyone yet HUNGER is the price too many people have to pay” 

How did we help?

Apart from being part of 45 thousand people strong crowd in Hyde Park on one of the most beautiful days of the year so far, I joined Hassan Mirza, Gemma Phelan, Diana Kakkar and Rikke Hass Christens and many others in getting #BigIF to trend on Twitter in the UK. We went social media crazy with Instagrams, Vines, Facebook posts and of course, the inevitable Tweets to make sure all our followers knew exactly what was happening, what it was all about and most importantly what to Tweet to Mr. Cameron!

 “Dear David_Cameron please end hunger at the #G8 #BigIF”

Me! Tweeting David Cameron #BigIF

Me! Tweeting David Cameron #BigIF

What can you do to help?

First things first, the way you live has a big impact on others so let’s start by addressing the way you eat, the way you shop, the food you choose and the waste you can avoid. The EnoughFoodIF website has a great selection of tools and tips for you to start making a change and making an impact

You can show that you are part of the campaign on your own Facebook and Twitter pages by adding a Twibbon to your profile picture. Not only will it show that are part of something wonderful and that you care about the future of our children, it will also get more people asking what IF? Click here to add your Twibbon now!

If  you’ve got the time, and we really hope you do, we’d love you to be really proactive and email your MP about taking action on dodging taxes. The Finance Bill is still being debated and we still have time to make ourselves heard. Email you MP now via the EnoughFoodIF website by clicking here.

These are just a few of the things you can do to help. For more ideas visit and let me know what you decide to do by commenting below or tweeting me at @StephsBubble #BigIF

Vlogging #BigIF

Please, take 5 minutes to watch my selection of video clips from the #BigIF featuring the amazing speakers and their passion for the cause…

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Be Bold. Be Beautiful.

Be one of the ones that acts on beginning the end of Global hunger.


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