Meeting Mike Coffey at #Food4Good

#Food4Good at the Barbican Centre

Earlier this afternoon I met up with a my friends Hass & Asif at an event at the Barbican Centre called #Food4Good. The event featured an art/photography exhibition which was themed ‘London’s ever-changing culinary landscape’, showcasing bespoke artwork from ten exceptional artists inspired by the menu and ambience of unique London eateries.

The Observatory

While we were admiring the various works of art on display, my friend Asif and noticed a piece with bubbles on called ‘Paper & Cup’ which had painted by an Artist called Mike Coffey. It was one of the pieces that guests had the chance to take home as part of the charity raffle so I thought, ‘Why not?’ and proceeded to purchase a raffle ticket knowing that either way, any proceeds would be going to the #Food4Good charity partner, Fairtrade Foundation.

An hour or so later, I could hardly believe my luck when my name was called and I discovered I’d won!

Winning with Mike Coffey & Hassan Mirza

Mike Coffey

I took the opportunity to talk to Mike about his work and the story behind ‘Paper & Cup’ and caught it all on camera. Mike is such a lovely guy and has some really fun pieces in his collection including various London Landmarks and portraits of Londoners. You can see his work and the work of many of the other artists who featured in the gallery today on

Discover Mike Coffey:

Mike Coffey's Art

Signing off... Mike Coffey

#Food4Good – ‘Seeing local restaurants in a different light’ from Nick That on Vimeo.


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