My Fashion Revival – Styled by Louise Roe and inspired by Victoria Beckham

It’s not often you get approached with the opportunity to have a style revival masterclass by a top celebrity stylist now is it? But that’s exactly what happened to me a few weeks ago and I’ve been dying to tell you all about it!

Steal her Style

Steal her Style‘ is a new feature in the fashion section of Yahoo! Lifestyle featuring women who have taken their fashion inspiration from celebrities such as Kate Middleton, Olivia Palermo, or in my case Victoria Beckham.

VB Style | Victoria Beckham

If you’ve read my blog on Super Powers, you’ll know that the Spice Girls were a big inspiration to me growing up. While I may have thought of myself more as a Baby Spice back then, it’s Posh’s style that really appeals to me nowadays.

Baby Spice | Spice Girl Style

With the help of the lovely Louise Roe, who is best known for hosting Fashion Star on NBC and MTV’s makeover show Plain Jane, I got expert advice on how to really make my VB inspired wardrobe really ‘pop’!

Louise Roe | Celebrity Stylist

Behind the Scenes

Before I was selected to take part I was asked to submit a little video clip of myself on camera (Note: This was pre #SSSVEDA and my vlogging challenge), a few photos of the Victoria Beckham-esque pieces in my wardrobe and some notes about what I really liked about her style. Then… I waited patiently to hear if I’d made the final cut. When the team got in touch a few days later, I was super excited to hear that I’d been chosen.

On the morning of the shoot, a car was sent to collect me, my suitcase full of my clothes and a few bags filled to the brim with shoes and accessories. I was whisked into hair and make-up to and my wardrobe was laid bare ready for Louise to work her magic.

The big reveal

So here it is folks… this was the day that Louise Roe helped me steal Victoria Beckham’s style!

Steal her Style | Victoria Beckham

What do you think?

Which was your favourite Victoria Beckham look? Should I be styling my hair up more? Which of the accessories did you think really worked? I’d love to hear your thoughts. It would be great to find out who inspires your style and how you work your wardrobe to get ‘the look’. I’d love to hear your style tips!

Tweet me @StephsBubble and let me know #StealHerStyle #VB


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