Super Powers: Presenting with Authenticity and Passion

About 18 months ago I was invited along to attend a Brand Perfect event called Adventures in Mobile. I went along to discover more about the marketing potential of Mobile. What I hadn’t bargained for that day was meeting Aral Balkan (@aral), the Keynote speaker who delivered one of the most engaging and charismatic presentations I’d ever seen. In fact, I think I may have even tweeted about it at the time! (That may sound silly saying that now but trust me when I say tweeting was not part of my daily routine at that time.)

The secret to delivering great presentations

For me, what set Aral’s presentation apart from the crowd was a winning combination of his confidence on the stage, the quality of content in his slides and his ability to entertain the audience all of which were whole-heartedly underpinned by his real passion for the topic of the presentation: Making the new everyday things.

Aral will tell you himself that the most important qualities to own when you are in front of an audience are Authenticity and Passion.

“Great design can give people Super Powers” – Aral Balkan

Experience is one of  our ultimate teachers

Whether you are someone who learns through your own experience or by watching the traits and failings of others, I think it’s fair to say that experience is critical as part of our personal development. Do you remember the first presentation you gave? Who it was to? What their reaction was? How you felt as the presenter? Aral remembers his first talk and describes it as “An unmitigated disaster!”. Why am I telling you this? I’m telling you because since his first talk ten years ago, Aral is now an award-winning professional speaker.

Slide and Stage

I often talk about how great it is to own your Super Powers and use them to do greater good. One of Aral’s Super Powers is definitely presenting and I was delighted to hear that he’s going to be running a presentation course in June to share his insight and experience from everything from Slide to the Stage.

If you are interested in developing your presentation skills or taking them to the next level or perhaps you know someone who you think could do with a little bit of advice, then you should check out his website Slide and Stage and sign up for his Masterclass which I”m sure will empower, amuse and delight you.

Discover more about Aral at


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