McFly Pandamonium for WWF’s Earth Hour 2013

WWF’s Earth Hour is a unique annual phenomenon that focuses the world’s attention on our amazing planet, and how we need to protect it.

WWF UK Earth Hour 2013 - #DoItInTheDark

Earlier this week I was invited along to celebrate WWF’s Earth Hour 2013 at an exclusive event being held at London’s Southbank Centre. The invitation promised spectacular panoramic views of London’s most iconic landmarks as they switched off their lights to mark Earth Hour and a special live performance by candlelight, from the band McFly who have been championing this wonderful campaign; it delivered on all these promises and more!

So, what is Earth Hour exactly?

Earth Hour is a symbolic gesture made by millions of people around the world who switch off their lights for one hour at 8:30pm on Saturday 23rd March to show that they back the move to switch from dirty fossil fuels to clean green renewable energy which in the words of WWF…

“{Green renewable energy} works with the awesome power of nature and not against it”.

Now in its 3rd year, Earth Hour 2013 saw 150 countries take part in this activity with each country celebrating in their own unique way, as reported here by the BBC, The Guardian and Sky News.

How are McFly involved in Earth Hour?

The band McFly are UK ambassadors for the WWF  and to show their support they decided to take part in the I will if you will challenge (aka IWIYW). Reaching out to their Facebook fans they said that if they could get 10,000 new people to like their Facebook page they would do something in the dark in their Panda onesies.

What did they do? The Harlem Shake – McFly vs. Panda, obviously!

Earth Hour 2013 – London, UK

As we arrived at the Earth Hour event on the 6th floor of Royal Festival Hall the atmosphere was incredible. The the candlelit room and the view of the London Eye, Big Ben and the Southbank was just magical.

Earth, Wind and Fire

Earth, Wind and Fire

Outside on the decking were lanterns and jam jars with tea lights everywhere and a clear and simple sign that reminded you that the reason we were all here tonight was that…

“The Panda Made Us Do It!”

The Panda Made Us Do It

The Panda Made Us Do It

Earth Hour’s Hidden Heroes

Earth Hour celebration began by congratulating three Hidden Heroes: Pete Davies, Cardiff; Mechteld Blake-Kalff, Ledbury and Simon Jakeman, Surbiton.

These inspirational people had been selected because they have been working on projects that are making a difference for the environment with regards to individuals, schools or youth groups and workplace. Backed by former England and Chelsea football star Graeme Le Saux, Hidden Heroes set out to celebrate the people making a difference and the positive actions they’re taking to help protect our brilliant planet. Discover more about their projects here: Hidden Heroes

GraemeLe Saux - WWF UK Ambassador

Graeme Le Saux – WWF UK Ambassador

Then the lights went out…

Moments later, as the lights went out on Big Ben, the OXO tower and many more of London’s great landmarks, our host announced that #EarthHour2013 was trending on Twitter! Esther (aka @Egg101) and I quickly popped outside to make a toast to the WWF UK and Earth Hour in London and then headed back inside to await the Panda loving, Onesie wearing band they call McFly.

Cheers to Earth Hour and doing it in the dark!

Cheers to Earth Hour and doing it in the dark!

McFly playing LIVE for Earth Hour

Danny Jones from McFly at Earth Hour 2013 #DoItInTheDark

I’m sure many of you reading this blog post will have been taking part in Earth Hour yourselves and may have been watching the Live Stream of coverage on YouTube during the event. For those of you who didn’t get the chance, here are some fabulous moments captured on SocialCam, a link to the full event on YouTube and some awesome little snippets caught on the shiny new Vine.

McFly #DoItInTheDark for Earth Hour 2013

But first… It’s not too late for you to get involved!

Sign up to show your support here and do it in the dark to show your support for the switch to a better energy future: I Want To Do It In The Dark

Or why not take part in the ‘I Will If You Will‘ challenge?

McFly Live – Captured on SocialCam

McFly Set

Got to keep my feet on the ground…

Earth Hour magic…

It’s all about you…

Crazy trumpets and legs…

The Complete Earth Hour YouTube Live Stream

McFly feature 41 minutes into the stream in an interview where they tell us why they think Earth Hour is important, followed by their live performance at the Royal Festival Hall dressed in their adorable Panda Onesies.

McFly LIVE – Snippets on Vine:


Obviously McFly #DoItInTheDark

Earth Hour was trending on Twitter

Tom’s Pink Ukelele

Tom's Pink Ukelele - Earth Hour #DoItInTheDark

Happy Earth Hour from Tom

The Earth Hour Play List - #DoItInTheDark

This is love

Name that tune

McFly Gift #DoItInTheDark

Gift from WWF to McFly



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