Steph’s Great South Run: Training, Tracking and Twitterati

The Great South Run is just 7 weeks away now …

In my first post about my run, Doing it for the win, I talked about how I got started and why I’m running and fundraising for Marie Curie Cancer Care and The Brain Tumour Charity (Formerly The Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust). I also promised an update on my training so, with 49 days to go, here it is.

Bonding with my FitBit 

I’ve loved getting know my numbers of FitBit, tracking my steps, monitoring my sleep patterns and watching the inches drop of my hips! I quickly realised that my drive to work and my desk job were holding me back and I would need to make a conscious effort to get my step count up every day. I would typically do around 3k steps on a normal day at the office but now I’m tracking a weekly average of around 9.5k steps per day. You can check out my daily activity and progress on my FitBit profile page: You should however, be aware that after a recent run I killed my FitBit somehow and am currently awaiting a replacement so there is a drop-off in stats in the last week or so. Training is still very much underway though, I can assure of that.

Dad and I, getting our race faces on

Running for me is all about getting in the right mind-set. It’s about focus, something I find challenging at times as an Aquarian daydreamer. It’s about dedication and getting out on the road come rain or shine. Most importantly, it’s about showing the world the race is on. Dad and I, are both clearly of the same belief, as we recently shared photos of ourselves getting our ‘race faces’ on and Dad even took the initiative to make his own signature move, the T-Bolt.


Getting social with my training and tracking

For those of you that know me well, you won’t be surprised to learn that I’ve been tweeting and posting my training progress a lot over the last few months. What I’ve particularly  loved about this is the encouragement I’ve received by from my followers on Twitter, the social interaction of the Nike+ App which gives you a ‘Cheer in your ear’ every time someone likes your status when you’ve set off on a run and being able to get crazy with instagram on #StephsEpicWalk. I do love my photos!

A big shout out to My Training Twitterati @Sammyps, @CatTurner, @GennaMcWhinnie, @SaraSutton6 and @Checkmybadself who have been fantastic cheerleaders and supporters! @Sammyps was in fact the one who pushed my to go the distance and beat my 20k steps on FitBit. Having challenged me to do 25k+, I decided I needed to do a walk of epic distance and that’s when @CatTurner got involved hashtagging the event #StephsEpicWalk. On Saturday, 1st September, I took that hashtag and nailed that target with an epic 30k steps. I walked 14.3 miles from North Ealing to Richmond and back again via the stunning Richmond Park.


@GemmaMcWhinnie, SaraSutton6 and @Checkmybadself kept me motivated with Tweets of encouragement on my little stroll and a few cheeky comments about running out of iPhone battery due to the number of Instagram pics I was sharing :). Big thanks to all of you! Not to mention the amazing Stags I encountered in Richmond Park.


Cheer in your ear with the Nike+ App 

When @Checkmybadself walked into the office his with his Nike Fuel Band the other day, I was very keen to challenge him on its credentials versus my beloved Fitbit. To be fair, they are not all that different but what FitBit is lacking is a run tracker to see exactly where I’ve been. That’s when I discovered the Nike+ App. I took it out for its inaugural run earlier this week and now I’m hooked. It’s got great visuals, gives you awards and congratulatory messages when you beat your personal best and as I mentioned earlier, allows you to get live feedback from your supporters in your ear while you’re on the move. But that’s not all. You can also track against your friends and share your progress on social media too. Do I love it more than FitBit? No, I love them equally. They both offer great stats it’s just that the Nike+ App is much better for actual run tracking. Plus, now I’ve moved my Dad over to Nike+ too it’s bye-bye, Google Docs tracker and hello, Ear Cheers!


Let’s not forget the money bit

While all this training is great and I’m getting fitter day by day, my overall goal is not to be the next Olympic champion but instead to be fit and well and raise money and awareness for my chosen charities. Nothing motivates me more than knowing I’ve got people behind me who believe I can complete this 10 mile run and who are willing to offer up a few pounds, dollars or euros to make a difference to the lives of others. Trust me when I say, whether your donations are small or large, every one of them makes me smile a little more.

Follow my progress on Twitter at #StephsGSR


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