Doing it for the win

Let the fun and games begin…

104 days from now my Dad and my friends, Gemma, Jake and Tom and I will be pounding the streets through the city and along the sea front, as we take part in the Great South Run; a 10 mile run around my home town, Portsmouth.

My home town, Portsmouth

I’ll be taking part to raise funds for two fabulous causes: Marie Curie Cancer Care and The Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust and here’s why.

What’s got me on the move? (The Short Version)

Two years ago I lost my Step-Sister Nikki, to breast cancer aged just 36 years old. Nikki always used to tell me how much she admired my lifestyle in London and the adventurous things I did but I don’t think she would have ever imagined I’d be running in her honour 3 years in a row.

Then, one year later, I was diagnosed with a brain tumour; a low-grade glioma. Fortunately for me, my tumour is not cancerous but I will continue to go for annual MRI scans to keep a close on the little critter for the rest of my days 🙂

Doing my bit for us all 

It’s not just about me and my family though, I know cancer and tumours affect far too many of us these days. So, I will be running for you all and so will my Dad.

How I’m going to stay motivated

Personal Tracking with FitBit: I recently discovered FitBit via the lovely tweets of @LauraKalbag and her Blog post in which, Laura shares her experiences of using FitBit to track her physical activity and calorie consumption to help motivate her. Having used a FitBug a few years ago, which I loved, I couldn’t resist trying the FitBit for myself. It’s only been just over a week but already I’m finding that I’m pushing myself to be more active and meet my daily and weekly targets.


Dad Tracking with Google Docs: As my Dad lives on the South Coast and I’m in West London, training together isn’t really an option. So, instead, we’ll be keeping a close on each other using an excel tracker on Google Docs where we’ll each complete our distance covered and the time it took us on a regular basis. By tracking our runs, we  hope to keep each other on our toes and create a little competition between us to keep up motivated. I’ll let you know how this goes!

What can you do for us?

We’d love it if you could support us with a donation, no matter how small to give to our chosen charities:

Or, if you’d prefer to come down and show your support in person in Portsmouth, we’d love a few cheerleaders and photographers!
Get your Pom-Poms and iPhones* at the ready!

Thank you so much

Steph (@StephsBubble) and her Dad (The Other Tony Bennett)

* Twitter is going to be soooo quiet without me that morning!


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