Super Heroes: Identifying your Kryptonite

At a dinner party a few weeks ago we were sitting around chatting about life, love and everything and suddenly my friend yelped, “He’s your Kryptonite”! She was referring to someone I’d been talking about, who I admired, respected and adored. “How could he possibly be my Kryptonite?” I thought to myself. “If anything he was some kind of Superman”. It was at that moment I realised…, that was exactly her point!

What is Kryptonite?

We’ve all heard about Kryptonite being the green radioactive substance from Superman’s home planet that weakens him and robs him of his super powers, right? No? Okay, before your read the rest of this blog post I suggest you take a look at this:

Take away the comic books and the movies and you’ll see that we all have our own Kryptonite. It’s that thing undeniable power that affects our strongest qualities, that makes you vulnerable and ultimately, it’s that thing that makes all of us human.

Perhaps you’re an accomplished actor and knowing your idol is about to watch your performance gives you stage fright? Your idol is your Kryptonite. You could be enjoying a stroll through the forest when suddenly you come to a bridge crossing a river but you’re afraid of heights. Your fear is your Kryptonite. Or maybe, just maybe your Kryptonite manifests in you as the result of, what I like to call, the Super Hero Effect…

The Super Hero Effect

How many times have you found yourselves in that situation where there is someone you think is truly awesome and suddenly they are given Super Hero status? Think about it for a minute and I guarantee it has happened to you at least once in your lifetime.

It’s the acclaim we give to our ‘Super Heroes’ that often results in us down playing our own strengths and ‘Super Powers’ whether we are conscious of it or not. The only way around this is to identify our Kryptonite and work out a way of overcoming it.

Here’s a quick guide to Super Hero guys and gals, the power they may have over you and how they become your Kryptonite.


He’s the one that has the power to change the world for the better with his presence, his words and his actions. He has a sense of magic about him that you just can’t explain. You don’t know how he does it but it leaves you in awe.

This kind of guy is always on the go, travelling the world over to do his job and serve the world with his super powers. While you may wait patiently for his return, his true passion will always be dedication to serve and protect and you will always play second fiddle to his violin. His absence will be your Kryptonite.

What you need to remember is that behind every Superman is a Clark Kent and while he may not seem as exciting his Super Hero persona, behind those glasses is the very same man.

The Incredible ‘Hunk’

This is the guy that makes your eyes pop and your jaw drop to the floor every time he walks in the room. He’s handsome and strong but he’s definitely more brawn than brain. This time it’s the lack of good conversation that could be your Kryptonite.

So, if it’s the protector and trophy boy you seek, he’s probably the one for you (but maybe warn him off the green fake tan!). If not, you’ll find he’ll miss the mark.


A Crime fighter who has great powers but also bears great responsibility; he’s the more troubled of the Super Heroes. Agile and a little arty he’ll always have his camera close at hand when he’s not swinging around town saving the day.

Just remember to be sensitive to Spidey’s childhood issues or else his emotional Kryptonite could become yours. But if you manage to find the man behind the mask you could find yourself with quite a catch.


Finally we have the man from Gotham City, Batman. Witnessing his parents’ murder as a young boy he became obsessed with bringing justice to the city.

What he lacks in super powers he makes up for in intellect, wealth, incredible physique and the ability to instil fear into his enemies. He has no sense of danger, loves fast cars and can always be found out and about with his wing man; the one they call Robin.

Your Kryptonite here will come from your fear for his safety and questioning his relationship with his best friend. You’ll need to want to live a little on the wild side and be prepared to share, if you want this one to work.

Finally a few thank-yous…

Thanks to my amazing friends Gemma and Nella for inspiring me to write this post and guiding me in the right direction.

Thank you to James Whatley for allowing me to use his awesome drawings from #madewithpaper. Find him @WhatleyDude (Twitter and Instagram) and

Thanks to my Superman, you know who you are…

Other things I found along the way while researching this blog post…

1) A great song by Joe Brooks called, Superman
“I’m no superman. I hope you like me as I am”
(C) 2010 Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

2) A highly entertaining video called, Indian Superman
There are no words… Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Super Heroes: Identifying your Kryptonite

  1. Sebastian says:

    Good day! I could have sworn I’ve visited this website before but after going through many of the articles I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyways, I’m certainly pleased I stumbled upon it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back often!

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