Travel is my addiction

  Ever since I was a little girl I've wanted to travel. I studied languages at school so that I could understand and converse with the people I hoped to meet. I even took a geography class to study the world but it turned out I was learning more about erosion of rivers and peat … Continue reading Travel is my addiction


Sometimes I forget… #WearItOut 

  Sometimes I forget. I go about my day running around at work, lifting weights at the gym, and planning my holidays and adventures as though I'm the same as everyone else. And why wouldn't I? I am the same. The same except for one little thing, a glioma. A glioma is a form of … Continue reading Sometimes I forget… #WearItOut 

Ten things to do in Denmark 

Earlier this year I took a trip to Copenhagen in Denmark, one of the safest cities in Europe to travel by yourself. I spent five days exploring the city and venturing up the coast by train and had such a good time I even considered missing my plane to stay a little longer!     … Continue reading Ten things to do in Denmark 

Remembering 7/7 

I'd been living in London just a few months and was in the first few weeks of my new job when 7/7 happened. I took the tube to Victoria from Ealing Common and remember changing train in South Kensignton after a 'signal failure'. As we waited on the platform it got increasingly busier with little … Continue reading Remembering 7/7 

I have FOND!

 Do you ever get that feeling that you might not see or do everything you want to in life? That every day you need to fill your time with as many new and interesting things as possible? And if you don't you get fidgety and restless? Well I do. I call this FOND: Fear of … Continue reading I have FOND!

Listen to your body, not your mind

A new year, a new you? A promise to go to the gym every day, to eat clean and be awesome? Great! But are you over committing yourself with your resolutions? If these are new ways of living for you then you probably are and sadly, it's these great intentions that often end in failure. … Continue reading Listen to your body, not your mind

2014: The year I got fitter, healthier and faster!

Ten years ago, if you'd asked me to run a marathon I would have politely shown you my index and middle fingers and told you where to go. Today, as I write this blog post I'm already three weeks in to my Paris Marathon training plan, smashing my PBs and feeling stronger than ever. reading 2014: The year I got fitter, healthier and faster!